20160221-esther-9236Esther Bramlett is a bodyworker, performance artist, visual artist, and modern dancer.

Beginning her modern dance career in Austin, Texas at the age of fourteen, she moved to San Francisco in 2008 to study Dance and Exercise and Sports Science at the University of San Francisco. Graduating with her BA in 2012, she was awarded her massage license from the McKinnon school of Massage in Oakland, CA the following fall and continued to live in the city working as a massage therapist.

Specializing in clinical deep tissue and sports massage, she has over 1,000 massage education hours as well as almost six years of professional massage experience. Esther’s passion for achieving ease and efficiency in her own physical training ties seamlessly into her goals to enable her clients to experience ease and harmony within their own bodies whether they be athletes or non-athletes.

20160504-esther-dame-dynamite-0892For four years, she performed as professional dancer on the stages of San Francisco for contemporary dance companies and made her burlesque debut as Dame Dynamite with Hubba Hubba Revue in July 2015. She has trained at ODC and the San Francisco Conservatory of Dance, performing with Bay Area artists such as Detour Dance, Samantha Giron, Garrett+Moulton, and Anna and the Annadroids. As a Neo-burlesque artist, Dame Dynamite’s influences range from ballet, modern dance, theater to avant-garde fashion, classic elegance, and performance art. Seeking to create a high energy, visually striking stage persona, her acts pull from multiple disciplines and inspirations to create eclectic, powerful and sometimes controversial performance.

In 2015, Esther moved back to her hometown, Austin, Texas, to perform with Frisky Business Burlesque, Cheryl Chaddick Dance Theater, and to create her own contemporary company LightFigher Dance Company. She has created work for Ballet East Dance Company and her choreography has been showcased in the Austin Dance Festival and Waco {254} Dance Festival.

From an early age, she has been painting, sewing, crafting, and moving her body at an elite level. For her, everything in life boils down to movement and motion both in the physical plane and the spiritual one. Her varied artistic and athletic interests all relate in the way that humans are inherently made to move and engage with their environment. Balancing our lifestyles to include restorative bodywork, a movement discipline or routine, an expressive outlet, and an authentic attitude are all complex facets that come together to create harmony and fulfillment.

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