Music by Pink Floyd, Cosmo Sheldrake, Darkside, & Max Bruch

Dancers: Angela Benz. Esther Bramlett, Erica Stivison, Connor Timpe, George Myatt, & Jessica Timsit

Costume Collaborator: Lotus Frequency

Set Design Collaborator: Rachel Merriman

Performed at Revolve: A Movement Display
Austin, 2017

Inspired by childhood memory and set to a surrealist score of various music¬† artists, this choreography explores the magical nature and playful investigation of structure and dance. The cinematic scene was created in collaboration with Rachel Merriman and consisted of tall white structutes made completely of string. Colored powder is used to transform the space with bursts of flamboyant energy. This fairytale installment touches on the transformation¬† of art and nature while touching on the elements of childhood memory, magical realism, play pretend, and the impermanence of time. “Hourglass” was a site specific work performed for Revolve: A Movement Display (2017) in Austin, Texas.

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